About us

Eyewear brand established Takahiro Ishida and Atsushi Okusada in 1999. With the concept 'Design with Moderation' - the design of eyewear completes when it is placed on ones face - “propo” provides simple, sophisticated eyewear, focusing on real users.
At 2015 A/W, “PROPO DESIGN” changed its name to “propo”, with the new theme ‘MAKE YOUR BEAUTY’.
Since then “propo” has renewed a brand especially for women’s, which is not only simple but also quite beautiful.


Our products requires truly high techniques to realize the beauty of simplicity.
That is actually very difficult because simplicity never allows any false or deception.
There are many good factories in Sabae, Japan, which is one of the top optical frame industrial region in the world, but among them only a few factories and skilled craftsman can make products of PROPO DESIGN. Simplicity can not be build without the best techniques and technologies.



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