“propo” is main brands of PROPO DESIGN, established in 1999. Releasing sophisticated eyewear which is focused on their silhouette under the key of the work, “Design with Moderation” - the design of eyewear completes with the faces. Recently the ”PROPO DESIGN” has rebranded and change the name to female brand “propo” since 2015AW collection with new derivative theme, “MAKE YOUR BEAUTY”.

OPORP is the high-end line of PROPO DESIGN, launched in 2009. the products are mainly made of titanium, but have common concept and theme in “propo”. the brand icon is the hinge/temple system which is originally developed to realize the comfort fit. the designs of “propo” have the concept - the coordinates based on the fashion. Precisely opposite name of “propo”, we work the design of OPORP approached from the functional aspect.